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TeamSpeak 3
IP: ts3.newtimegaming.net
Welcome to the New Time Gaming website! First a Minecraft server, then a YouTube channel and Teamspeak 3 server.
Currently, we are quite inactive online, however, you can always follow us via @NewTimeGaming (Dutch) on Twitter, or stop by on TeamSpeak!
New Time Gaming has been active on YouTube since 2012. All kinds of different games and uploaders are the basis of New Time Gaming, first in English and since april 2014 in Dutch. At the moment, we are unfortunately not that active on YouTube anymore, but you can of course binge-watch everything via New Time Gaming on YouTube or just here, on our website, in the playlist found below:

TeamSpeak 3
The easiest voice chat is of course TeamSpeak 3 and New Time Gaming has had a TeamSpeak 3 server for years now! Where this server was mostly used by players on our Minecraft server in the past and by our staff in order to record YouTube videos, it is, of course, also publicly available for everyone to use. Come online and keep in touch with your friends, or with us! Information about our TeamSpeak 3 server can be found in the sidebar on the right-hand side. Here you can see who is online on the server, as well as having the ability to connect directly to the server (if you have TeamSpeak 3 installed).
About us
New Time Gaming was founded in april 2012 but was originally known as the TBMNetwork Minecraft server. This server was managed by Quinten - one of NTG's founders - and after a conflict with TBMNetwork the server continued on its own under a different name. This name eventually became New Time Gaming and at the same time as this name change, our Youtube channel was launched. New Time Gaming as a Minecraft server aimed at a wide variety of gameplay, with a creative world as well as a survival world. New Time Gaming has been known for a long time for their Towns system that was used in the survival world.

During New Time Gaming's existance the board has consisted of many different people, however, after the final closure of our Minecraft server a quite definitive board has remained consisting of Quinten Marsman and Kevin Vonk, both founders of NTG, and Niels de Groot, who later joined the board as News & Content Director.

After a fusion with UniversityGamingNL, 3 times Kingdoms and a wide variety of servers and activities, the server's final closure was on the 24th of November 2013. After that, the YouTube channel has continued for quite a long time. Quite regularly, videos were uploaded by many different New Time Gaming staff members. Currently, the channel is inactive as a consequence of NTG's staff members' occupations.

Our current staff and their functions:
Quinten Marsman - Founder & CEO
Kevin Vonk - Co-Founder & CTO
Niels de Groot - COO & Media Director
Aron Vink - Director of Design
Alex van Werven - Assistent Content Creator
Koen Onderwater - Assistent Content Creator